Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Legend ghost train

On 14 July 1911, arranged for the transfer of a group of wealthy tourists, Italians on board the train had been allocated for that purpose where he was sent from Rome station railway. View the 106 passengers stunning views from the windows of the train along the route of the railway, and then by train in a tunnel is too long in the mountain and suddenly there is a terrible thing!, According to the testimony of two of the passengers were able to jump from the train and flee hurriedly covered the train layer foggy white (cloud milky) quickly increased density of more and more until it became a viscous liquid while the train was approaching the entrance of the tunnel, and when the train entered the tunnel disappeared no longer have an impact! , Disappearance occurs in the region of Lombardy. Tunnel was examined but not found on the train, after that incident, the tunnel was filled with ominous rocks and hit the tunnel during the war a bomb falling from the air.

Thus passed the years and forgotten with the people of that incident (believed by some that the company that runs the train deliberately ignored the incident in order to commercial reputation) that were again a number of allegations that talk about watching cute Phantom train near the town (Poltava), Ukrainian and other regions around the world including Britain and Russia.

Views Date

- In 1955
Read nice train reflects the place it was before only a few hours a bridge to the railroad after it was blown up in an incident Bay (Novorossiysk), which was reflected in the atmosphere, and this explains the spread of rumors about the train fateful, appears to some as a train of evil or Satan, who aims Brkaph in hell .

In 1980
Most common appearance of cute train again, but in the vicinity of Moscow in a subway station, where he was allegedly caused the disabilities of the line controller and then returned to Ukraine.

In 1986
Shortly before the Chernobyl accident (1986) claimed that he was seen in the centers (Solntsevo) and (Nobokraenk) railway in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

In 1991
In 1991 was seen nice train as he walked on the railroad tracks, the laminated windows and curtains during the run over some of chickens crossing the line by the railroad tracks. It also did not observe any driver in the cockpit did not hear him roar went away without noise!

Although many different places that you seen the ghost train, as he claims, but those views were abound in the town (Poltava), Ukrainian

 Arrived (Vasil Petrovich Ascaa), chairman of the Board of Studies phenomena unknown in order to verify the phenomenon suggested that the train through the time line in a way, as found in the records of a psychologist and a Mexican-known name (Jose Sakseno) of the mid-nineteenth century tells that in a few days 104 Italy back in Mexico, specifically in Mexico City, claiming that they arrived in Mexico City, coming from Rome via train!, Mexican police did not believe them and the Ptoseahm on psychiatric.

On 25 September 1991, he was able (Petrovich Ascaa) finally caught the train puzzle at the same intersection and near the (Poltava), jumped on the ghost foothold and since that moment did not see one again. The spectrum of the train is still moving in the area (Poltava), as appears from time to time.

 Ghost train became a legend on the style legend ghost ship known as the Flying Dutchman Flying Dutchman (Read about it here), as observed in Norway, Britain, and Russia only if you believe those stories narrated by a large number of eyewitnesses. In 1954 appeared in Tver, and in 1960 appeared in Vyatka in 1963 was seen in the Kemerovo region in 1972 appeared in Vitebsk. But the most mysterious and exciting views were in the Ukraine, where local newspapers covered the famous such as "Pravda of Ukraine" and "Glory of Sevastopol in prepared in their published on 12 Augustus 1992

 Wonder what has happened here already in Italy on July 14, 1911? , Before 3 years of incident disappearance of a train, "Rome" earthquake epicenter town (Messina), which caused the creation of cracks not only in the crust of the earth but also in the field (Hronalnom), on the assumption that the effect on the hole (Hrunalia), which cuts through the mountain are deep tunnel may impact on the path of the train and make it go in a hole in the depths of the earth! Interesting that the cloud of dust in the fall. However, there are a number of questions without explanation, what made ​​some of the passengers jumped from the train? Is it a landslide? Is it possible for history to repeat itself from repeated hits train? Is it possible to transit from the tunnel of time? And can someone sitting in his car in a few days to become a hostage in the fourth dimension?!