Thursday, January 12, 2012

Solve the mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Most of interpretations closest to the reality of the events of mysterious disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle in line with acknowledged by the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, dealing with those interpretations of human error and environmental conditions, for as long saw Tllk region support traffic up by the amateur and novice master of ships and pilots of aircraft It is logical that the lead increase traffic to increase the number of accidents or disappearances. the following are possible causes of the incidents which give possible explanations to decode the puzzle:

Characterized by the Triangle area as prone to violent storms, unexpected and climate swings, the severe storms and short-term in both arise in the short period of time and disappear so fast the inability of the satellite monitoring carefully as you can curl water giants many common occurrence in the region to sink ships easily, or even to destroy a plane passing near them.

 And rotary water is a hurricane is happening on the surface of the ocean and aimed its water away in the sky and over a distance of thousands of feet, and some other explanations blames Kalzlalzel environmental influences that occur in the deep ocean, which extends its influence to make giant waves 100 feet high! Topography also plays an important role the ocean depths They range from the slopes smooth and light in the continental plates to the steep cliffs. In fact, there is more in the area of ​​the triangle deeper grooves in the world! So you can not find aircraft or sunken ships.

Also do not forget currents Gulf Caribbean that occur in the area of ​​the triangle is a violent and turbulent challenge in guiding ships, aircraft, especially for the crew inexperienced, recorded speed of the current at 5 miles per hour in some areas, a speed sufficient to throw sailors hundreds of miles that did not take the necessary precautions can be therefore, to erase any evidence of the impact of the disaster.

That theory explains at least some of the disappearances in the Triangle area, where scientists have discovered from the University of Cardiff and a strong presence and status of the methane gas trapped in the bottom of the ocean, produces the gas as a result of the death of marine organisms and decomposition by bacteria release the gas and consequently accumulates in layers of a solid like ice called methane "trapping methane ice layers inside, and scientists are currently studying a way to use alternative energy.
 Able to stockpile gas to take off from the bottom in the form of bubbles to the surface of the water advanced level in a few seconds and without warning, the passed a ship in those waters, it will sink immediately because of the low density of water ratio of the intensity of the vessel is known that things float on water because of the low density of their bodies because of the density of water per unit volume, and you can try it by pumping the air in a pool of water where you see the sinking of the things that were floating. Can also gas bubbles that could spark a fire in the body of the aircraft was launched from the surface towards the sky.

As explained geologist Bill Dillon drowning rigs drilling for oil in the Atlantic Ocean to these gases.

Although the pirates like Black Beard and Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) are considered unlikely reason and imagination of the disappearances but the new pirates can have a role in that, in the seventies and eighties Zorac pirates used to smuggle drugs from.

 Despite availability of theories mentioned to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Some people still prefer to refer to the fog-mail fabricated by space aliens, or to the phenomenon of satanic extraordinary or the effects of civilization, Atlantis lost as a strong reason for the disappearances of those, it will make those interpretations of the phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle a source ambiguity and always surprising.