Thursday, September 29, 2011

Myth bride of the Nile in ancient Egypt

Pharaonic civilization, the greater the role of women and made ​​them champions of the myths .... The Pharaohs have been assigned tasks of the God of Justice "Omhot" and the "Isis" is the goddess of beauty in the civilization of the pharaohs .... The women participated in the era of the Pharaohs in many military sites, but the military campaign in Somalia, by order of the "Hatshepsut," which was sent to the King's message explaining that the goal of the campaign is not a military objective, but a trade .. The Queen was given the leadership of the army to the commander of Nubia "Gus" so that the understanding with the people of the country ... And carried the inscription Pharaonic civilization with numerous images of Eve in public life, home and work and military wars

In contrast, the phenomenon of contrast spread ((bride Nile)) under which lay a young girl decorated with ornaments in the flooding of the Nile
How can a civilization of the great civilizations are based on such victims Vhoudaratna did not reach this limit
Come with me to Karma Ibn Hani House Prince of Poets, Ahmed Shawki, which overlooks the Nile to watch the live picture of a bride of the Nile in Alhawkiat:
And Najeebeh between childhood and boyhood ** virgin drink hearts and attached
Here's the wedding was very fortunate and lucky ** that was the end peril
Yes, it was the wedding to the Nile very wishing for every girl in Egypt, an expression of the holiness of this great river, which envisioned the ancient Egyptian man and made ​​him a god and his favor.

Shawky, a poet following address him:
I encountered Oarasa ** mourning and met an old man blessed with the girl and lost
Each year, Dora received no ** eighth and free you do not believe
Wondered about where all Najiba ** prior to when you turn and cause

Amr ibn al-Aas position of this phenomenon:

Says jurist and historian Abul Qasim Rahman bin Abdel-Hakim in his book, "Fattouh, Egypt and Morocco":
"When he opened Umar ibn al-Aas Egypt came to the age when people entered the month Búna They said to him:
O Prince of the bar in this year not only by being.
Said to them, and what is that?
They said, came as the thirteenth of this month to the ongoing Amdna Baker Verdana between her parents and her parents made ​​him the ornaments and clothes, and be the best Ogaynaha in the Nile

Omar said to them: This is not in Islam and that Islam erases earlier.
Bana and months building sea Aviv and electrode and the Nile are not a lot and not even a little pagans of withdrawal.
When he saw 'Umar ibn al-Aas, he wrote to the Commander of the Faithful' Umar ibn al-Khattab, may God bless him so, he wrote to Umar ibn al-Khattab that have had that Islam destroys that which has been sent to you before Valgaha card in the Nile if Attac my book.
When he presented the book on Omar Bin Al-Aas If the card is opened:

 Abdullah of the faithful to Neil Egypt.
After the you are not conducted by you, but the One who is Agrk We ask God that the one-Jabbar Agrk.
He threw Ibn El-Aas card in the Nile one day before the Red Cross month, and the people of Egypt had Prepare for the exit and evacuation because it does not their interest only Nile and became on the cross was conducted by the God of sixteen cubits in one night and rested from the victims of this year and beyond of years. "
Historians remained after I'm catching up this rule as they wrote the novel, such as Maqrizi and the Canadian and the son of Barada and sectoral change and the son of Duqmaq Suyuti and al-Hamwi, rubies and Ibn Ayas.

 Some thinkers and historians of the phenomenon
And has been the story of courtesy Bride of the nobility of each year in the Holiday and the fulfillment of the Nile firmly in mind, and continued normally take a doll, wood in the form of Ph human figures instead of the girl Adamic who was wed to the Nile, part of the ceremony so far and still book Mahdthon and poets reciting the story, until the film took tale of the Nile bride subject of her films.
We have great people in the embodiment of the myth they said that the girl appears once again been turned down to half a fish because the river does not devour Araúsh but it lives in shades such as fish.

Since Champollion uncovered the secrets of the ancient Egyptian language after the discovery of an officer of the French campaign to Bouchard, the Rosetta Stone during the French campaign on Egypt, researchers began a serious study of ancient Egyptian history, and of these the French scholar Paul Angers, who devoted himself to study the story of bride of the Nile.
And left a researcher from the study that the ancient Egyptians were not throwing a girl in the Nile, but they were celebrating threw a fish-type Alatm, and this type of fish is akin to man and what some scientists by man the sea is characterized by their female partner that has a lot of hair on her back, and have something like the buttocks of women. The face nearest to the sea and when the dog swims above the water swaying like a dancer.

 The ancient Egyptians decorated fish Alatm bright colors and her head Atjrn contracts roses and flowers and then to the Nile in Azvunha Holiday and loyalty.
The years since have been detected this type of fish in Lake Karun Fayum.
It is also said that they discovered in the River Nile Dmyat of pottery and the meaning of this he did not throw real girls
But take a real bride in the Nile, Egypt, but did you know in the Mamluk era, where they came to girls trained to swim well trained and threw them in the river and then left to even swimming beach in the Carnival celebration

The dumping of bride living in the Nile is only a myth All of chronicled to Egypt by the son of Abdel-Hakim, such as Hikah and Herodotus and Theodore Sicilian and Blotrak and Clement of Alexandria who wrote about life and customs Pharaonic Algraúb and tradition in ancient Egypt did not take from near or far-tale bride of the Nile.
Also, Abdel-Hakim wrote this story after opening Omar ibn al-Aas to Egypt Bmitin and thirty years of her contemporaries did not, and probably told him.
It is clear from the body of the novel that the Nile continued for three months which have not been many nor few if this happened to both perished in Egypt as it is impossible to scientifically high Nile sixteen cubits in one night

 And confirms that the researcher Mukhtar Al Swaify Egyptian civilization higher civilization did not know the ages of the victims of human god or any god no matter how high would. Al Swaify say if the bride Neil is the land of Egypt, which enters the Nile in flood season as the man enters a bride on her wedding night.
The temples of Egyptian inscriptions and papyri enumerated aspects of life, traditions and worship did not mention the story of bride of the Nile, even if such a real story of what the inscriptions left out

Remember, Dr. Nemat Ahmed Fouad one of the lovers of Egyptian civilization in her book "Cairo in my life," the story of bride Nile have no historical basis, and there were not a story that mentioned Blotrak which says that Egibtos king of Egypt wanted to prevent disasters revealed the country, referring to the priests threw his daughter in the Nile and he did it and then regret the pain severe threw himself perished in the Nile such as perished.
And Akkad Mahmoud Abbas says in his book "the genius of the age", "The bride of the Nile on a novel as is subject to doubt is the subject of which when checked against the history, the reality may be, including, without much narrated narrators.

 Despite the legend that lived in the conscience of Egypt, addressed writers, poets, artists, film and books, many are still reluctant reality.
But the Egyptian civilization, originality and depth of stresses every day consciousness and attended.
I have sanctified Egypt Nile great artery of love and thrive spring of good and green and prosperity, and celebrated him and remained whisper to him in Onascidha holy, and formulated the epics in his passion, but also sanctified humanity and rights, has not discerned the spirit of man in order to flood the river immortal and this is a testimony to Egypt and not against